The Green Data Center and Wind Energy Project

The Volo Energy Green Data Center and Wind Energy Project will play a significant role in the expansion of green energy in the nation. This Data Center Project will maximize the use of renewable green wind energy by installing wind turbines connected to advanced compressed air energy storage (CAES 2), which provides a way to store excess wind energy until peak periods when it is needed. Patented microturbine technology and natural gas will also be added to the project infrastructure.

The Volo Energy Green Data Storage Project will expand what is expected of wind energy by demonstrating how wind energy can be made reliable and profitable. This Project will also reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce dependence on foreign fuel sources, create jobs and provide a template for similar Projects in the future.

Attempts to expand green energy have been met by a simple problem with wind energy that is a serious impediment to the growth of the green energy sector. The problem is that wind does not always blow consistently. Generally, wind farms must sell energy to the grid system as it is produced regardless of demand, but our Project can change this. Excess electricity generated from wind turbines flow to the CAES 2 plants. The CAES 2 plant pumps the air into air compressors, and the pressured air drives the turbine, creating electric power during the off-peak hours where it can be stored until demand peaks. The system has the capacity to store hours of energy and permits Volo to deliver electricity regardless of the wind speed.

Business and Government will be able to store/backup critical business information in a 60,000 square foot secured below ground storage facility (“Green Data Center Hot Site”) operated by Volo. This facility will be built and maintained by highly qualified individuals to ensure the safety and protection of the information and high quality services. Utilizing green energy, which is unaffected by events that could significantly hinder traditional sources of energy, increases the security of data during unexpected events and provides powerful evidence of the potential of green energy in the nation’s future. In addition, a full range of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services along with facility security monitoring services will also be provided.

The underground data center will be approximately 15 feet below surface (from top of structure) which will allow surface agricultural efforts to continue and will be powered by wind turbines, microturbine technology and natural gas.

Even more importantly, the concept that is the platform of this project can be applied and expanded in other projects to create a dramatic decrease in the nation’s reliance on nonrenewable and high-emission energy sources.

The Volo Energy Green Data Center Project will not only create construction but operational jobs in rural Texas.

The Volo Energy Green Data Center Storage Project is:
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